Monday, January 6, 2020

The Cross And The Switchblade By David Wilkerson - 1025 Words

In his book, The Cross and the Switchblade, David Wilkerson explains how his ministry started. Over 15 million people have read his book which was published in 1962 through The Berkley Publishing Group, and in 1969, his book became a Hollywood motion picture that reached over 50 million people. Wilkerson did not stop at this book. In fact, he continued to write over 30 more books. (, 2014, pg. 1) With that said, The Cross and the Switchblade s thesis statement is that the Holy Spirit is in charge. David Wilkerson, a country preacher from Pennsylvania, is the founder of Teen Challenge. This organization started in 1958 and still runs today as a ministry to save those with habits that are life controlling. Teen Challenge has become one of the most effective ways to reach out to teenagers and young adults who are dealing with issues related to gangs, drugs, and alcohol. However, the road to success was very challenging for Wilkerson and his team. (, 2 014, pg. 1) Anyone who picks up The Cross and the Switchblade is Wilkerson s potential audience. He wrote this book in order to share his journey of starting the ministry that we now call Teen Challenge. Most likely, Pentecostals will read this story. Even so, this book can also be an instrument in salvation for others. I believe that Wilkerson understood both of these statements and, thus, wrote his book in such a way to minister to all peoples. An emphasis is placed on the Holy SpiritShow MoreRelatedThe Cross and the Swtichblade 535 Words   |  2 PagesIn my opinion, I think I can partly identify with David Wilkerson because of the way he treated people. Im a girl of my words, what ever I say, I will do. David Wilkerson said he wanted to help Nicky, and that is what he did. Im not a 100% peace maker, but I know when to be mature and bring peace and I know when to be loud and noisy. There is a time, in a place. Also, the fact that David wanted to make someones life better and make them realize that god/love/energy is the power of all humanityRead MoreStudy Nicky Cruz s Life Very Interesting And Inspiring1589 Words   |  7 Pageslife very interesting and inspiring. I chose to find out what his early life was like, how God used him and what I can learn from him. What was his early life like? Nicky Cruz (full name San Nicholas de le Cruz, meaning Saint Nicholas of the holy cross) was born on the 6th of december, 1938, in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. He was the 8th of 18 children. Nicky s parents both practiced witchcraft, or espiritismo, and had a huge reputation and were greatly respected. Nicky was the black sheep of the family

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